5 Habits of the Well-Groomed Man

February 22nd, 2017
5 Habits of the Well-Groomed Man

It’s hard to pass by a man who’s impeccably groomed and not take note. But how does he do it? He must spend hours on personal hygiene, no? In fact, it’s easier than you might think.

After polling some of the most well-groomed men we know, we came up with some simple tips to help you look your very best.


Frequent your barber

There is something to be said for a man with a fresh haircut. Every well-groomed man we spoke with noted that the most essential part of their self-care was keeping a regular schedule with their favorite barber. Your barber should be more than willing to keep automatic appointments for you; just ask. Typically, you should visit them ever 3-4 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows. If you look in the mirror and notice that you need a trim, others will certainly notice it too.

Take care of your face

Long days in the city can wreak havoc on your skin—particularly during the dry, cold months of winter. You don’t have to get out of control with a face-saving routine. Just a good face scrub in the shower should do the job.

Mind your feet

Investing in an A+ wardrobe only to leave your feet aching in dusty old shoes is one of the worst style offenses an otherwise well-groomed man can make. Your shoes should always look new, no exceptions. Investing in a high quality pair of shoes and keeping them in great shape will really help you to round out your look. And don’t forget that every great pair of shoes deserves an outstanding pair of socks.

And your hands

A surprising habit of every man on our list? Manicures. You don’t have to get the polish to enjoy a manicure. A gentleman’s manicure consists of a hand scrub to exfoliate away the grime and dead skin, a hydration treatment to keep them touchable, and an overall grooming of your nail beds. It’s actually quite relaxing, and it will leave your hands looking and feeling great. Plus, since you will probably opt to skip the paint job, your time investment will be fairly minimal.

Don’t forget the facial hair

It’s to each their own when it comes to facial hair preferences. But no matter how you prefer your beard (or lack thereof) it needs to be kept fresh. Your style of choice will dictate how often you should be grooming your facial hair.

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