A Lesson in Dapper: Tie Clip 101

March 11th, 2015

A Lesson in Dapper: Tie Clip 101Before you go anywhere, make sure you follow these rules and tips of when, where, and how to wear your tie clip.

The best thing about a tie clip is essentially in its name: it helps tie your entire outfit together, adding that necessary bit of orderly swagger to an otherwise drab wardrobe. The tie clip, like the pocket square, is a small accessory, but it packs a big punch. And it’s something you’re going to want around for your night out on the town.


But before you go anywhere, make sure you follow these rules and tips of when, where, and how to wear your tie clip:


What’s the Best Tie Clip For You?

Like any accessory, there are a few types of tie clips to choose from. Right now, the most popular clip you’ll see is the tie bar. A spring holds these two bars together to hold your tie steady.  Then, we have the tie tack, which clamps down on the tie and goes through your shirt’s button. Think of it as a lapel, but for your tie. Last but not least, go retro with the tie chain. Popular in the 60s and 70s, this tie clip has a chain that hangs and zips into the shirt behind the tie. It doesn’t hold your tie in place as well as the other two, though.


Tie Clip Do’s and Don’ts

Do: Less is more. Simple is chic.

Don’t: Wear a tie clip that’s too small, or too large. Measure the tie beforehand to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Do: Wear the tie clip somewhere near the top of the tie. Having it too low will defeat the purpose of the tie clip: for you and your tie to look good

Don’t: Just clip it to the small and large necks of your tie. A tie clip only works if it’s attached to your shirt.

When & Where to Wear a Tie Clip

It’s up to you to decide when you should impress the people around you. But if you’re asking for our advice, use the tie clip to your advantage. Wear it at dinner, so your tie doesn’t get dirty. If you’re a doctor, wear it when you see patients, so you don’t hit them in the face while leaning over. If you’re looking to pop a tie knot, we wholeheartedly recommend that you have a tie clip nearby. And if you’re looking to be decorative, all power to you.

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