Basic Tips To Dress Exquisitely

January 27th, 2015

Some of these tips might be new to you. Others might seem like common knowledge. Read more about dressing exquisitely here!

Basic Tips To Dress Exquisitely

Dress is akin to another lavishly refined and intently monitored mode of regular expression: Speech.


Clothes are advantageously, inherently transformational for the body and soul. The clothes you wear make a statement about you. As a man who has mastered the basic sartorial arts, one has a thirst for knowledge to further expand his style and take it to the next level. With the internet, information is easier to obtain but difficult to ascertain. This concept is congruent with men’s fashion. Making ourselves prideful in the attention to detail has been a challenge and concept most men cannot overlook.


Some of these tips might be new to you. Others might seem like common knowledge. Regardless of which side of the coin you fall on, do not become an offender.


  • Make it a point to avoid wearing clothing logos, especially when you are dressed in formal attire. You want to be an identity of your own style and your dress choices should show off your personal expression, instead of turning you into a walking advertisement.


  • A dimple in your tie knot will improve your overall appearance and suggest that you pay attention to detail.  Avoid letting your tie knot slip, as to put you at risk of looking sloppily dressed.


  • Ready-to-wear or “off-the-rack” suits always need to be tended to and altered by a tailor.

    Basic Tips To Dress Exquisitely


  • Avoid combining a pocket square and tie made from the same cloth.


  • Make sure to always wear over-the-calf socks or at least quality hosiery that will not bunch at the ankles when wearing a suit.


  • With single-breasted jackets, make it a habit to leave the bottom button unbuttoned. In fact, the bottom button on double-breasted suits should also remain unbuttoned.


  • Discard visible loose threads or labels. Open the tacked pockets and vents with a seam ripper. A useful tool for trimming is a double edge razor blade, which can get very close to the fabric surface without damaging the fabric. Avoid putting heavy items (like keys) in your coat pockets.


Remember Squire Fine Men’s Apparel encourages you to utilize our professional tailors and staff to take your style to another plateau. We are committed and focused on making your wardrobe the epitome of precision, elegance and expression. For more information contact Squire.

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