Building A Quality Wardrobe

September 14th, 2015
Building A Quality Wardrobe

Stocking your wardrobe with the essentials is the perfect way to ensure you are always prepared for every occasion, even last minute ones. While it can get costly, making sure you have a complete selection of casual and dress attire including the ideal accessories is worth the investment.


High-quality clothes and wide variety are the two main components to consider when choosing which pieces to keep and which ones should be donated.


As a modern fashionable man, make sure your wardrobe is well-equipped at all times with great and versatile clothing.


Below is a breakdown of the must-haves for your closet:


  • At least two suits of different colors, think black and blue. While you might not wear a suit often, there will come a time when you need to. Last minute suit shopping will often end in a high price, low quality and poor fit.
  • A pale blue and white dress shirt. The pale blue is for the less formal occasions. The white shirt is intended for those times when you need a shirt for a formal event.
  • In the winter months you will want a nice topcoat to go over your suit. A beige or black topcoat are the ideal colors. Cashmere is the softest material and is suitable for colder days and days when you want to appear more formal in attire without the tight fit.
  • Brown dress shoes and matching brown belt, because brown goes better with other colors than black does.
  • A sport coat is the most universal piece in a man’s wardrobe. The sport coat can either dress up or dress down an outfit with style.
  • The colorful polo shirt is the ultimate dress down clothing piece and can add a pop of color to a simple outfit.
  • A good pair of chinos and denim jeans. Both pairs of pants can be paired with just about any shirt, whether t-shirt, polo or button-down dress shirt.
  • A great pair of casual boots to be worn to casual affairs, as well as a quality running sneaker. A variety of shoes allows for less wear and tear.
  • That perfect t-shirt with comfortable hoodie sweatshirt for those lazy days.


Squire Fine Men’s Apparel stocks the above clothing items to help you create the best wardrobe. Contact us if you need any assistance.

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