Don’t Get Caught Making These Common Wardrobe Mistakes

June 15th, 2016
Don’t Get Caught Making These Common Wardrobe Mistakes

Dressing well is all about attention to detail. You might head out the door in the morning feeling pretty put-together, but are you sure you’ve got your bases covered? Like it or not, style slip-ups can have a big influence on the way people perceive us. Fortunately, millions of men have come before you to make these mistakes so you don’t have to. Let’s take a moment to look at a few the most common of these men’s fashion transgressions.

Leaving Dress Shirts Untucked

There’s an important distinction between “button-front” shirts and dress shirts. Dress shirts are cut longer than casual button-fronts, and are designed to be tucked in. Dress shirts also have a curved hem line which creates a tail at the front and back of the shirt. Whereas a casual button-down can look just fine untucked, dress shirts should always be tucked in.

Relying on Athletic Socks

Athletic socks should only be worn with athletic shoes. Period. Athletic socks stick out like a sore thumb in a pair of loafers. If dress socks seem a little too formal for your outfit, opt for a pair of no-show loafer socks instead. These will keep your feet comfortable and dry without sacrificing aesthetics. Another fashion-friendly alternative is to simply wear no socks at all!

Wearing Dress Pants With a Casual Belt

Or, for that matter, wearing a formal belt with a pair of chinos. Casual belts are typically thicker than their formal counterparts, and they have more modest buckles. You should have at least one devoted belt for dresswear, and a second belt for casual attire. Don’t get them mixed up, and make sure they match your shoes.

Pairing Boat Shoes With Dress Pants

Boat shoes might look pretty similar to loafers, but they’re really not designed to be accompanied by dress pants. Instead, they should typically be worn with shorts or chinos. Reserve the loafers and oxfords for your dress attire, and keep the boat shoes for kicking around town on weekends.

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