Impress Potential Clients Immediately With Your Look

October 19th, 2015
Impress Potential Clients Immediately With Your Look

If you’re getting ready for an important business meeting or luncheon, you will, of course, want to put your best foot forward. You’ve prepared what you are going to present or what you will be discussing and now all that’s left is what you are going to wear.


Having a clean and sophisticated look will help you present yourself, and the content you’ll be discussing, in the best light.


The Suit


A dark gray, navy or black suit, like the Trussini Deco Suit or the Trussini Black Solid will be the best options, as they are classic and will be easy to combine with dress shirts and ties. Make sure that your suit is well tailored, the shoulders fit well and the pants fall just on the shoe.




Dress shirts can put a spin on your suits, making them all look incredibly different. When dressing for a meeting or introductory luncheon, consider a classic white or blue dress shirt like the Ike Behar Long-Sleeve.


The Tie


Don’t choose anything bright or with eccentric patterns, stay with solids, stripes or neats. This is a time to look classic, not necessarily trendy. A conservative tie is the best choice; it’s the finishing touch of your suit.




Your socks should match your suit color and your belt should match your shoes. If you decide to wear a pocket square, it should match your tie. Keep any jewelry accessories to a minimum, in fact, just a watch and ring are enough. A leather band watch is a classic look, like the Tommy Bahama Maui Roadster.


Be sure there are not any stains or wrinkles on your suit, shirt or tie. Check your shoes for any dirt or worn areas and keep your hair and nails trimmed. Please take a look at our dress wear and if you need any tailoring or help with accessories, please contact Squire Fine Men’s Apparel today.

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