Look Good and Feel Good, Every Day

January 15th, 2015

What does it take as a fashionable man to look and feel good? Click here to find out!

Look Good and Feel Good, Every DayWhat does it take to look and feel good? The notion of what it means to look good can be defined differently from person to person. It’s an individual way of thinking. You might look at a well-dressed man and know that he has great style, yet his look might not well work for you or match your individual style.


To make yourself look good, you have to channel your own unique style and invest in quality clothing that fits well. You’ll find that when you know you look good, you will also feel good.


If you are someone who has only dabbled in the sartorial arts, trying to become fashionable and well-dressed can seem somewhat foreign. You might have a few items in your closet that are considered “fashionable”, but your overall wardrobe does not bring out your confidence. As you know, confidence is a key component of looking and feeling your best. You have to invest in pieces that work well for you, and learn to style them with accessories to complete the best look for you.


Life Can Change When You Look Good and Feel Good

Look Good and Feel Good, Every Day


Dressing well and giving attention to how one presents oneself at all times can change a man’s life. When you walk down the street, women will notice you and men may envy you. Strangers will compliment your style. Co-workers will take you more seriously. Your boss might even become jealous of you. That unique feeling of confidence comes out when you know that you look great. You cannot put a price tag on that feeling.


There are a few necessities to consider on your quest to looking good. Experimenting with accessories is a great place to start when you are first learning how to style yourself. Sunglasses for different outfits, watches, silk and knit ties, invest in suspenders, and do not leave the house without a pocket square. There is no such thing as “over-dressed”.


Looking good and feeling good fosters a positive image, inside and out. All of this happens when you understand the power of appearance.


At Squire Fine Men’s Apparel we understand the importance of looking and feeling your best. If you want to stand out in the boardroom, impress a date, or simply look and feel good, Squire is your preferred destination when shopping for quality fashionable and timeless apparel. Contact us to start your path towards looking and feeling good, every day.

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