Look Sharp With The Right Outerwear

November 6th, 2015
Look Sharp With The Right Outerwear

Looking dapper in your clothes is completely achievable with the right pieces and the right fit.


Some might say it is the clothes under the coat that make an outfit appear sharp and really well put together, but that is not necessarily true.


During colder months, the sharp appearance of an outfit begins with the outerwear because that’s the look you see first.


Judging the way an outfit looks should give credit to your jacket. Sophisticated jackets make a statement and help tie together the entire look.


Mid-weight to heavy jackets and coats are what combine style and elegance in a functional manner.


Giving your outfit a purpose with that perfect coat is what anyone “who cares about what they wear” wants. From bomber jackets to leather and long trench coats, you want to pay close attention to this most valuable wardrobe asset.


Coats and jackets that have been crafted with detailed oriented stitchwork and high-quality fabric are what you should be in search of. Sleek and fashionable outerwear can also be very comfortable and can be worn in a variety of temperatures. For both cold and warm weather climates, there are plenty of appealing coats and jackets to choose from.


For an outerwear coat or jacket that conveys prestige and comfort, browse through Squire Fine Men’s Apparel today. We will help you find the right pieces to fulfill your wardrobe.


We have built a clientele that trusts our instincts and guidance when it comes to picking out versatile, suitable and great looking clothes. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us today!

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