Making a Smooth Transition Into Spring Fashion

March 18th, 2016
Making a Smooth Transition Into Spring Fashion

Finding a seasonally appropriate outfit in the middle of March is no easy task. You might wake up to a bright, cloudless morning, and then come home in an ice storm in the evening. Likewise, jumping right into your light and breezy spring wardrobe can be a risky proposition. On the other hand, there’s no sense in wearing a parka to work until May either. Rather, your best bet is to creatively mix-and-match items to give you some flexibility and reliable comfort.

Lean on Layers

Sweater weather isn’t over just yet. A light button-down topped with a cardigan is perfect for those chilly days in early spring. Instead of wearing a heavy coat over a single light layer, use a few layers of varying weights to achieve a relaxed early spring look.

Be Color Conscious

After a long winter, you you’re probably missing your white linen shirts and favorite pair of pastel green chinos, but it might be a little early to dig them out of the closet. Unless they’re used in moderation, classic spring colors can still seem a little jarring this time of year. Grays are your friends, and there are plenty of them.

Start With Shoes

Nothing says “winter” like a pair of heavy boots. Opting for a lighter pair of footwear can set the tone for the rest of your ensemble. Desert boots and leather, low-top sneakers are ideal options for the beginning of spring.


Hats and umbrellas can add both form and function to your early spring wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to keep them on hand. If the clouds break and the sun makes an appearance, you can always leave them in the car.
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