The Stroke of Midnight – Midnight Navy Blue, that Is!

March 10th, 2016
The Stroke of Midnight – Midnight Navy Blue, that Is!

If you are in tune with pop culture at all, or even just turned on the television in the past few months, you probably have seen the newest trend for men’s clothing – midnight navy blue tuxedos. This new trend in fashion is a breath of fresh air from the stuffy black-and-white penguin wear of the past. Usually when you attend an event you are swimming in a sea of black tuxedos, but this new alternative that has exploded overnight is so refreshing and offers wearers a fresh new look and diverse options for any occasion.
How popular have these suits become you may ask? According to online rental website The Black Tux, in 2015, 17 percent more grooms rented a navy tuxedo for their weddings than in 2014, and around 40 percent of all tuxes rented for proms and formal occasions in 2015 were navy. Between 2014 and 2015 the number of navy blue tuxedo rentals increased by 26 percent, making it a hugely surging new trend.
There are many times when you are going out shopping for your next party that you struggle with what you want to wear. You are not only planning out your own attire, but you also need to match with your date as well. Black matches with everything, as they always say, but you will find that a midnight navy blue tuxedo will match with nearly everything, too.
Once you have picked out your new tuxedo, the next step is to accessorize. If you want to stay on a budget for the event, don’t worry – you can use any of the same accessories that you would wear with a black tuxedo with a midnight navy blue one.
There is a sea of color choices for tuxedos nowadays for those occasions that you may be attending when a typical blue, grey or pinstriped just will not fit the bill. Rest assured that midnight navy blue can be the perfect option for a casual night out on the town or a formal event. Don’t tell Netflix, but it’s not orange that’s the new black; midnight navy blue IS the new black!
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