Tips For Packing Properly For A Trip

August 18th, 2015

Packing for a business trip or vacation can be quite a headache, especially with so many things to consider.

Tips For Packing Properly For A TripPacking for a business trip or vacation can be quite a headache, especially with so many things to consider.


Weather and location are two, then choosing through your casual or dress wear and accessories, which are just a few more of the details you need to think about.


Most women have an easier time of packing, because their clothing is much simpler and smaller. For men, packing can be more of an inconvenient task as clothes are often bulkier, bigger, and dress attire involves more pieces, and so on.


Trying to fit all articles of clothing into one small carry-on bag can seem to be a lost cause, contrary to the belief that all you need to wear will fit tightly into a small bag. It is just not worth it and here’s why.


For men, taking the time ahead of your travel day to carefully plan your clothing and utilizing packing techniques will save a lot of time and wrinkles. We are not talking about getting out the suitcase days prior, but give yourself a day or at least a few solid hours to prepare for packing.


Be adaptable in your clothing plans. Take a look at the extended weather forecast for your destination. Choose versatile and classic pieces that can be worn in any situation. Navy, grey, and white are all great color choices for easy to match and coordinate pieces.


Pack appropriately and with care by rolling your clothing as opposed to folding. Rolling will decrease wrinkles, which folding causes. Rolling clothing also allows more room in your bag as well.


Pack toiletries in a separate compartment or bag altogether. Keeping your body wash, shampoo, lotion and other creamy products away from your clothes limits the chance of a spill.


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  1. 1 Laverne Young said at 3:02 pm on December 3rd, 2015:

    Very interesting post! However I can not agree that packing for man is easier than the one for woman. The women have much more variety of clothes and combinations to pack, while the men have much simpler mix and match clothing line!

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