When & How To Wear A Bow Tie

October 29th, 2015
When & How To Wear A Bow Tie

A bow tie is one of those accessories in a man’s wardrobe that might be seen as part of a PeeWee Herman Halloween. Contrary to that thought, however, bow ties have been worn by distinguished men for years as an accessory to both casual and dresswear, and of course formal wear.


Bow ties are unlike regular ties in that they cannot be obscured by the rest of the outfit. So to speak, bow ties “stick out like a sore thumb.” This is why bow ties need to be worn with caution and careful consideration to ensure that they go well with the outfit.


The first rule of wearing a bow tie is to learn how to tie one properly.


You can buy pre-tied ones, but authentic bow ties are the type where you will want to tie yourself.


Now you can wear a bow tie every day of the week, but because of the uniqueness of this accessory, you should plan on its wear sparingly. Be it a special event, a holiday or date night, a bow tie deserves proper notice rather than overstatement.


Solid color suits and shirts will help your bow tie stick out appropriately. Choose suits of navy, black or grey and shirts of whites and blues. When wearing a pinstripe suit and bow tie, make sure the stripe does not “fight” with the pattern in your tie.


Bow ties reserve the right to make a statement so go ahead and choose a patterned bow tie or striped one with vibrant colors. If your suit and shirt are downplayed in color, go for it with your bow tie.


Don’t forget to tie your bow tie tightly as this is how it is intended to be worn. Bow ties are not that attractive when worn loosely and they lose their style.


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